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Riparian Planting: to strengthen eroded banks

‘Riparian Planting with the Support of Local Communities’ has been a dream project of River Research Centre as it directly involves people in river conservation activities. Inspired from a small planting and survey activity done by a school in a small riparian stretch, we have started a program in which the riparian plant species are planted and nurtured along the Chalakudy riverbank with the help of local riparian communities in Chalakudy Muncipality. As a pilot project, the first phase of Riparian Planting was held on July 10th, 2014 in Chalakudy Municipality at Vettukadavu, Chalakudy as a big event inaugurated by the well known Malayalam Cinema Director Kamal. We have envisaged that Schools for River Program has a main role in planting, fixing the tree guards and monitoring the saplings at various levels. Later it was followed by other riparian community members till 2018 flood. We hope it to be evolved as a people's initiative and spread to many more stretches and other river basins.